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Floating house PNED 108

is the first floating low-energy house in Slovakia. Floating foundation forms three parallel connected high-durable concrete pontoons each 12 x 2,4 x 1,2 m (L x B x H). Pontoons are filled with EPS that assures their unsinkability. Superstructure of the house is of wooden frame construction with internal insulation and batten facade. There are used some necessary technologies: ventilation with heat recovery, heat pump, wastewater treatment plant integrated in one of the pontoons, passive house windows and door.


General dimensions:

Size of platform: 12,9 x 8,50 m
Draft: cca 1,00 m (fully loaded)
Air draft: cca 6,50 m
Displacement: cca 83 t (fully loaded)
Heat demand per year: 33 kWh/m2.a
Gross area: 130,99 m2
Net floor area: 98,45 m2
Terraces: 56,0 m2
Standing height on lower deck: 2,38 m
Standing height on upper deck: 2,18 m


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