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Floating house PNED 104

is the floating house designed in low consumption standard. Floating foundation is of high-durable concrete pontoon filled with EPS foam that assures the unsinkability. Pontoons are produced by SM PONTON company. Superstructure of the floating house is of wooden frame construction with internal thermal insulation and batten facade. Thickness of the wall is 375 mm. The floating house uses some necessary technologies: ventilation with heat recovery, heat pump, wastewater treatment plant integrated in the pontoon, passive house windows and door. The house is available in two variations: with two or three bedrooms.


General dimensions:

Size of platform: 12,6 x 8,44 m
Draft: cca 1,15 m
Air draft: cca 6,0 m
Displacement: cca 99,36 t (fully loaded)
Heat demand per year: 33 kWh/m2.a
Gross area: 119,52 m2
Net floor area: 96,20 m2
Terraces: 46,60 m2
Standing height on lower deck: 2,40 m
Standing height on upper deck: 2,20 m


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